PBSerum Extreme Firmness Complex

PBSerum Extreme Firmness Complex

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Intensive enzymatic lifting and global anti-aging therapy.

Active ingredients:

  • Keratinase PB333 - Smart Peeling effect, eliminates the excess of dead cells without causing irritation, improving the texture of the skin and promoting the penetration of other active ingredients. Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Collagenase PB220 - With a visible and long-lasting effect, it promotes the regeneration and synthesis of a new collagen network in the dermis, intensely firming the skin.
  • DMAE - Increases skin tone and firmness. Flash effect.
  • Vitamin C - Great antioxidant power. Reduces the appearance of dark spots and stimulates the production of collagen, improving skin firmness.
  • Hyaluronic Acid - Deeply hydrates the skin.


  • Facial sagging with loss of firmness and elasticity.
  • Irregular tone and imperfections.
  • Visible signs of aging in mature skin.

    Visible results

    • Improved firmness and tone.
    • Reduction of wrinkles and visible aging signs.
    • Tightening and smoothing effect.
    • Young and luminous skin.


    • 10 vials of lyophilized powder.
    • 2 vials with 20 mL ofreconstitutive solution.
    • 1 Applicator.
    • 1 Adaptor.